Hi I'm Mehar Bhagat!

Hi! I'm Mehar Bhagat, an Entrepreneur, Corporate Trainer, NLP Practitioner, Leadership & Management Trainer and a motivational speaker. Having Human Resource and Training expertise with over 7 years experience and practicing the same on the various facets of HR Consulting services ranging from Training to Hiring executives or setting up organizational management structure.

My active pursuit as a trainer helped me motivate and train more than 18000 professionals with over 600 training session on expertise over 36 training modules.

With my love and passion to entrepreneurship I'm currently heading with VzoomIn, Standout, Chick Who Digs, I The Women and Consult MB as my startup's and is also engaged with few more organizations in exploit my passions and interest towards knowledge. Keeping in synchronization with the above my educational background is also quite on the similar path graduating in commerce along with further studies in International Business, Psychology, Training & Development and Human Resource, Marketing, Management, NLP and some side line courses to keep me connected to quality and qualifying education.

I love sharing what knowledge I have gained over the years and spreading awareness to social issues which I'm attached or have concerns about in our social Community. Having expertise in Counseling, Human resources and Training I'm also associated as an academic speaker to few good institutions in India where I deliver training on various modules to young minds to enhance and shape the career through career management and leadership courses as a guest Speaker.

Apart from education and my career experience, I'm super passionate about Social Media, blogging, photography, startup's, digging new story, science & discoveries, travelling.

I'm also associated with some awesome organization and associations which are helping the world shape and be a better place like BhBP Women Cell | ST Youth Commission | Entrepreneurial Global Desk | Volunteer organizations - Teach India, PETA and few more


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