Sunday, January 18, 2015

Business Letter Writing

Writing Business letters for new bee's is always a hardship. It's a thing, one should always be very careful about. Its altogether a different part if one wants to be the new joke for an office for making stupid and silly mistakes in a letter writing.

Business letter today happens to be in many forms because of the complexity of the organization and its departments also for internal and external communications. However not to complicate the entire lot in one go, let me start with a standard formation of writing a business letter and we can work on the other aspect on other business letter writing tools and tips.

So while writing a business letter the four areas one must take into consideration for business letter are listed below. If one does not consider each one of them while drafting a business letter, purpose to letter could be ineffective.

1. Subject
2. Audience
3. Purpose
4. Style / Organization

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