Sunday, January 18, 2015

Business Letter Writing - Subject

Every piece of writing — from a business letter to a novel — revolves around a subject.

Subject happens to be key ingredient to any letter be it a sales letter, marketing letter or simply newsletter, if its not punchy enough or to the point, your letter will most probably be ignored or unnoticed. To be specific and realist try having a look back at your email inbox - How many unread emails do you have from the people you don't know?

Luckily, in the business world the subject is usually specific. It’s a fact: The more specific your subject, the easier it is to draft your letter.

For example, let’s say that you need to request information about an order that did not arrive when it should have. If you are incharge of that account, writing the letter is easy. However If you are not incharge , it is harder for you to write the letter than it is for the person who knows all the particulars. regardless of the situation, stick to one or two subjects in your letter, beyond that is too much of information for a subject.  

Including more than two subjects in a letter clouds your message and the becomes uninteresting. Write another letter if you have more than two subjects. I recommend only one subject in a letter and second issue or subject to be stated in the body of the letter.

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